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Gardiner Centre and Sentinel Institute

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Gardiner Centre and Sentinel Institute for Cybersecurity have partnered to bring you valuable  professional development training focused on Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity for Everyone

Cybersecurity training is essential for workers and managers at all levels in the business world as anyone who interacts with company computer systems has an important role in securing those systems. Training is the most effective way to prevent breaches and the loss of important company or client  data.
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Online Training

Sentinel Institute's Cybersecurity for Everyone online course is a high quality video based online course that teaches learners the essential skills for protecting their personal and work cybersecurity. It covers essential topics including: cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility, social engineering (the human side of cyber crime), protecting against scams, protecting against high tech attacks, cybersecurity recommendations and cyber-incident response planning.


Learners who complete the training will be awarded the certificate: Certified Cybersecurity OPSEC Practitioner with Cyber-Incident Response Planning from Sentinel Institute for Cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity for Everyone

Cybersecurity for Everyone is designed for the largest possible audience of learners. It will provide learners with a strong foundational knowledge which will drastically increase their personal and professional cybersecurity abilities. The course is broken down into six units:

Unit 1: Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility
Unit 2: Social Engineering Attacks and Defence
Unit 3: Protecting Against Scams and Fraud
Unit 4: High Tech Attacks and Defence
Unit 5: Securing Personal and Organizational Cybersecurity
Unit 6: Cyber-Incident Response Planning and Recovery

3 Minute Course Overview Video

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